September 4, 2007

Blogging to the power of woman

The power of ten doesn’t even count when it comes to my newest group of bloggers. When exploring through friends’ blog links last week, I found a group called Blogging Chicks.

There is quite a collection of blogs be women, from family to faith to fun related. After a little exploring, I joined the group, again in hopes of making new friends. I still get lost when exploring the group’s list of links and don’t think that I have even made a significant impact on getting through all of them yet. Each one is exciting.

As I eagerly anticipated each page uploading, I soon realized how each page was a reflection of it’s author. Regardless of it’s topic, each write puts a piece of themself in each post. It's fun to see what we each want to share with the world ... our hopes, dreams and families daily triumphs and tragedies. This group opens up a world where women can learn, grow and be impowered by each other. Boys ... ya better watch out!

1 Tea Party Guest:

ABW said...

I like this site, and to read so many different blogs from so many different walks of life.