September 28, 2007

Me too! Me too!

I came to a realization today. Really I've always known this fact about military spouses, but it was voiced by another in my training class, thus confirming my suspisions. During deployments spouses like to get care packages too!

That's right. As much as I love gathering meaningful (and delicious) treats for my husband, my heart skips a beat when I open the mailbox and there is a package for ME!

It doesn't have to be something grand, heck I get excited when a magazine arrives and I PAID for them. So when there is an unexpected surprise waiting for me, it makes life a little brighter if only for a day. I feel special for a moment knowing someone took the time to think about me. It end's better than emails and blog comments becasue I can drag it around and make my friends (like dear ol' Tommy Gunn) endure my stories about going to the mailbox and opening up a surprise package. (I think he likes the fabric swatches and craft books the best!) Best of all they HAVE to listen because I am in a fragile state and could burst into tears at any moment.

So, with that said, I'm off to check the mail ... hopefully there are no bills. That's a real treat!

Until our next cup of tea ...

5 Tea Party Guest:

Tommy said...

I don't know about sending you a care package but I might know a certain desk drawer that might possibly have a bag of Dove Chocolates in it ... hypothetically speaking of course. Grab your fabric swatches and a craft book or two and stop by sometime. Only not this week because it's gonna be a bitch. Until then, then. Toodles!

lime said...

shucks, i'm not a soldier nor the wife of a soldier and i love to get mail that isn't bills. i had a very exciting surprise just today and it put such a smile on my face.

and tommy, yer making me all horny for chocolate, not fair.:P

smilnsigh said...

Welllllllllllll, how you gonna' get anything in your mailbox, when some of us don't know your address? Hu? Hu? Hu? Hu? Hu? ,-)

There is email, for sharing address' you know. :-)

warrrmmm at yahoo dot com

Ms. MO said...

Since my honey has been "over there" I've had an uncle send me flowers and a friend send me a carepackage all for me, nothing at all to share with my girls. *grin*

Meari said...

I know what you mean! I love to get packages, too. I'm thrilled with junk mail. LOL Well not credit card offers... but catalogs and such. And if there's a stitchy package or magazine... Woo Hoo! :D