August 13, 2007

Who the hell do you think you are???

O.k. today was one of those days that could only get better if I had a baseball bat and something to beat. My husband came in from the field for a doctor's appointment so I got to spend a few minutes with him. I guess before he left he checked our bank account online ... still not sure what prompted it. But he called me all pissed off asking if I had been shopping online on unsecured sites.

Now as much as I'd love to spend all of my time shopping online, I told him it had been weeks and the only thing I buy is my school books from Amazon. It's been about 2 months.

Well, it appears that someone stole my credit/debit card and had made nearly $2,000 in purchases in the last 24 hours. Boy was I pissed.

I had to take off of work, go home and call the bank. They filed a fraud report and said the money would be returned in 48-72 hours but we think we figured it out. We had ordered pizza online Wednesday night but the web site said it wasn't going through and that we would have to call the order in. The idiot who answered the phone had issues entering the card number and repeated it back twice. We think he either wrote it down and he or someone else took it or someone wrote it down when he repeated it back.

What pisses me off is not just that they did it but that this pizza place's business is about 75 percent military because they are on the main entrance/exit road from the installation. Now we always keep a cushion amount in the bank account and are fine until the money is returned, but what if they are doing this to other military families. Ones who don't have money to spare but wanted to have a treat. It just sikens me that people are so brazen as to steal money from people who put their lives on the line for others.

Thankfully, the bank has a few weeks to take care of it before George gets home because he is on the warpath. Thieves beware! You might have gotten lucky because justice is swift in this household.

7 Tea Party Guest:

ABW said...

Wow! Things like this make no sense. Glad it will get resolved and that you caught it before they wiped out everything. I've had a lot of problems with our bank on post, but it was their fault!

Tommy said...

God Damn! It was only two grand and I was gonna pay it back. I mean I had to pay the pizza fucker 20 percent ... 20-FREAKING-PERCENT. That's highway freaking ROBBERY! Oh wait ... George is on the warpath? Um, never mind. Hope you catch the RAT-BASTARD! Have a great one babe.

Gypsy at heart said...

It is amazing what people will do! Everyone has a price and I keep hoping I never find out what mine is. We had a similar credit card problem with someone buying airline tickets on our business account. I guess they thought we wouldn't notice! The FBI got involved in that.
Good luck in straightening this all out and congrats on having the foresight to have a "cushion."

lime said...

damn, that's awful. i am so sorry and i hope the shit gets caught and wrung out good.

see you there! said...

Sorry to hear about your rip off. I sure hope they pin down the culprit so no one else has the same miserable experience.


stitcherw said...

I'm so sorry, what a awful lot of aggrevation, time, and energy to straighten it all out. I can't believe how some people can steal like that. Thank goodness it was caught when it was. I hope they catch who ever did it and lock them up for a good long time.

Julie said...

This is terrible! My hope is the bank returns the cash without further trouble on your part.