August 3, 2007

Their loyalty amazes me ...

O.k. I’m back. Yesterday was a bit of a long day. After leaving work (we usually work later on Thursdays) I had an FRG (Family Readiness Group) meeting. The FRG was essentially built as a support system for spouses and families of Soldiers. At one time it was governed by the unit commanders but recently the Army has taken to monitoring it to ensure that families are getting information in a timely manner, especially when units are deployed.

Now, these meetings are voluntary for the families, but commanders can mandate, if he chooses, that the Soldiers go if a family member does not. Last night was a mandatory meeting so we have, by my guess, 125 or more people there.
Since George is in command of Soldiers, I volunteered to act as POC (point of contact) for the families under his command, even through they are a “shop” or smaller group (some units heavily suggest that a commander’s wife be head of the FRG, voluntarily of course).

Of his 17 Soldiers I think 7 are married, which leaves me with a lot of “Look at me, aren’t I adorable” Soldiers. (And I have learned if you feed them they will keep coming back!)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the group of Soldiers that he has in his charge. They are loyal and respectful to him and by extension to me. Most will defend my honor if someone else disrespects me and in exchange I offer them an ear about the latest “girl troubles.” I have become friends will a few of the spouses and others I am just getting to know because they are either new wives or the Soldier just joined the group.

In any case we are one big family ... or so I thought.

At the meeting last night I was proud that our guys showed up early, didn’t make a fuss about having to sit “as a group” near the front then they’d rather sit at the back, and they assisted with carrying in extra chairs and such so everyone could have a seat.

So the meeting lasted about an hour while they gave us information about post organizations (like financial assistance and new parenting programs if need.) During this time, “my boys” as I like to call them, munched on the provided chocolates though a little bored since the info was not geared for them.

In between speakers we laughed and cut up, even gave one of the group Soldiers a hard time when he had to do a presentation. They whooped and hollered when I had to stand up and introduce myself as POC.

So after good natured fun, we think we are about to leave when the FRG leader announces we are going to play a little game. We all groan a little, just wanting to go home, but knew the faster we did it the fast it would be over.

She said that there were too may people to do it individually so we would do by shop/group/ etc. Great, my guys would help me. Then she said, one person from each group, as I hunch down in my chair, I suddenly see 10 arms point in my direction.

Thanks guys ... I knew you would be there to protect me!

Unfortunately, POCs weren’t allowed to do it, so the newest guy to the shop was “volunteered” by the rest of the Soldiers and I was left to rethink this loyalty thing ... maybe I should have fed them more.

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Tommy said...

LMAO! Yeah ... I know that food always inspires my loyalty. You gonna feed me? Oh wait. You can't. I'm on vacation for the next two weeks. LOL NEENER. See ya around the bend.

ABW said...

LOL Too funny. At least their plan backfired. Probably did the new guy some good to get up and speak.

I'm not much for public speaking but I am gald that we have a FRG this deployment!

stitcherw said...

Cute, what a fun entry to read, thanks for the smile.

smilnsigh said...

Warm from the oven Chocolate Chip Cookies. -grin-

Mmmm yeah, with work, that warm from the oven thing could be troublesome hu? ,-)