July 31, 2007

Everyone's got an opinion ...

When you live the military life, you learn early on that everyone will feel the need to share their opinion with you. It's like people rubbing a pregnant woman's belly - you can't stop it. You get a thick skin and learn to pick your battles, but sometimes even I get thrown for a loop.

At lunch today I decided to go into town to run some errands. While there I realized I was about 15 minutes ahead of schedule, so I thought I'd stop in and get my eyebrows waxed and save a trip after class this weekend.

As I sat in the chair thinking of what had to be done when I got back to the office, the girl who does my eyes, tiny Korean girl who I swear is 12 years old talks. I was only half listening, but then she asked where was my friend who I usually came in with. I told her she moved recently, which is why I hadn't been in (she usually drags me when her kids are driving her crazy and she can pawn them off on her husband.)

SHe continues talking as she finishes up and I start to pay. "There's something different," she said. "I got a new haircut a few weeks ago and got bangs. That's why I keep forgetting to get my brows done."

"Oh," she said, scrunching her nose, "I don't like it."

That's right people, I got dissed by the brow waxing girl. -Sigh- If it's not one thing it's another.

4 Tea Party Guest:

Tommy said...

What the hell does SHE know? Did you ask her for her green card? I would have. I for one think your hair is VERY pretty. I like it a lot better than your old style ... not that there was anything wrong with that one either, but I think it makes you look beautiful So there! PBHTHTHTHTH! on her.

smilnsigh said...

She doesn't like it, 'cause it made you forget, to have HER do your brows. -evil grin-


smilnsigh said...

Please go read my last entry today.... A reminder for when you're hot

I think you'll appreciate it. Might be called 'political' And I just said I don't 'do political' in my "Pretty Bloging." But... NO it's not. Cause I sezzz so. -grin-

Maybe some other mil family blogs would like it, too? -shamelessly hinting, there- ,-)


smilnsigh said...

Wow! I'm back again! ,-) Just saw your comment in my 'Seasons Snapshots' blog.

About the bursting-with-flowers Red, White and Blue pot of Begonias and the little front Begonia Red, White and Blue garden. :-)))

Did you happen to see our Downtown shots in 'Downtown ' entry? And 'Red, White and Blue' entry? And a house around town...'Mid June '07'.

But I can't 'for the life of me' find one of our front door. It has a HUGE and LONG Red, White and Blue bow on it! Wish I could have found a pic of it, posted. I'm sure it's there. It's just being elusive today. :-)))

Btw, no we don't have family in the service at present but.. we are very, very aware of all we owe our military and their families also.