June 26, 2007

Head hanging in shame ...

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I am beginning to realize it is because I am not happy with the way my page looks. I am trying to find more creative templates, but am having trouble finding something and I am not HTML-smart, so I can't create one. Do any of you have some ideas? I'm looking for something that reflects me –– military spouse, victorian, tea cups, PINK!

I have seen some beautiful pages, but I don't know how to make mine unique. I do have some pics to upload ... new haircut, military ball, etc., so check back. I am also having ALL of my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday, so maybe I'll have some down time to work on my page. For all of the military spouses/families who may stop by looking for support or just someone else who is in your shoes (I love shoes!), I'm sorry. I will not neglect you any longer. I do hope you are still checking in. See you all later.

1 Tea Party Guest:

Carla said...

Nice new template..I also like pink :)