May 18, 2007

Excitement overwhelmes me ...

I am so excited. In 48-hours I will be basking in the Texas sun, happily burning to a crisp. Well maybe not burning since I do have the sense to wear sunscreen, but maybe just a little. The past week has been crazy as I try to get my regular week's work done as well as the assignments for next week. Tommy has been in and out of the office the last two weeks fighting broncitis, but I'm sure when the medcine wears off he'll tell us all about it (although it might be more fun to hear about it while he's on meds!)
I turned in the last of my homework and feel as if a weight has been lifted. I am already making a list of the assignments due at the end of next semester, so hopefully it won't be so crazy at the end, but we'll see.
I did some stitching Tuesday night and scrapbooking last night, so I am almost to the point of managing my stress. Two months has definitely been too long. I was stitching a freebie scissor FOB sent to me in an exchange by Donna in Edmonton. I absolutely love it and while I have a small list of stuff that needs to be finished, this one looks to be a quickie. It is a pattern by Ellen Maurer-Stroh Designs.
Other than that I am trying to secretly pack because once Sgt. major sees his bag being packed we have one CRAZY dog on our hands. I am so excited about the vacation, so I'm off to make more lists for our shopping spree ...

2 Tea Party Guest:

stitcherw said...

Have fun on your trip, and I'm looking forward to your stitching picture updates. I hope Sargent Major doesn't get to stressed, my pets don't like it when I leave for somewhere either, and unfortunately they know exactly what a bag being packed means.

lime said...

hav ea great time! give tommmy a hug for me before you go and tell him to get better soon.