March 24, 2007

Educational fun!

Don't laugh at me, at least I am not ashamed of my education! I joined a fellow staff writer in a trip to the Lake Charles Children's museum March 9 for an entertainment piece she was doing. Since I had done a piece on them last year, I knew it would be great fun. This time I didn't have to work, on drive her around since she was near her due date and it was an hour-long trip, so I got to play! Yeah!

This manget man was not as easy as he looked considering that I had limited supplies, but it worked! There was a little boy who stood to the side and watched awhile, but then he joined in the fun too, until I was pulled away for more grown up activities ... playing in the bubble room. I learned to envelop myself completely in a soap bubble. Something everyone should learn because, like calculus, you never know when you will need it! (Hint: The trick is to go fast, not slow!)

4 Tea Party Guest:

stitcherw said...

Glad you got to have some fun, it looks like you are really enjoying the magnet man. We have a science muesum near where I live too. My daughter loved it when she was little, and I had fun too, but haven't been there now in ages.

lime said...

ooooh, i want to go too!!!!! if you take me there i will take you to the crayola factory. deal?

Cheryl said...

Great magnet man LOL

Meari said...

We have a Childrens Discovery Museum nearby and it's always so much fun to go there! Yes, I take the kiddies :D The soap bubble station has always been a favorite spot!