January 16, 2007

Life changes and so does my blog

Well I am in the process of making some changes to my blog in hopes of making it more appealing to new readers (those of you whom I have already suckered into repeatedly returning to view the life of a princess already know its worth the time, but I do offer you my thanks and a title with land in my future kingdom.)

I was working on a second blog, paying homage to my craft addiction, but alas my life is full and I cannot keep up two, so I am combining the two and adding the posts here. However, my old blog, My Stitching Haven, will remain up for those who wish to view previous posts.

As you may see at the bottom of each post is a category where other similar posts can be found, but to help readers determine their post preferences, I will also add a title to the heading. From now on, by royal decree, craft corner will contain craft information an tea time contains tea and tea collection info. Now I know that my loyal friends will want to read ALL posts, but this is to help you decide how best to prepare yourself (such as a delicate cup of warm tea, a decanter of liquor or Kleenex for those military life posts.)

I hope the changes will bring with them new friends and I thank the returning friends for their support. So grab your drink (and Lime your chocolate) and lets face each new day with anticipation, because laughing is a lot better than crying and beer is better.

2 Tea Party Guest:

Seamus said...

... so ... laughing beer is best! ;)

Change is good!

lime said...

*mmmfff...chomp* *looks up from her giant chocolate bar* hhmm??? all i heard was 'lime grab your chocolate.....'