January 22, 2007

Another Day, Another Year

Ugh! Today is my 29th birthday. Yes, I know, it's not that old, but 30 is such a milestone and I am starting down the barrel. It's not that I feel old, it's just that I am staring at that "Things To Do Before 30" list and there is very little done.

Don't get me wrong, if you had told me 10 years ago that this is what my life would have been in 10 years (confused yet?) I would have said there is no way that I could have been that lucky. I have the world's most perfect husband, a career that is ever-changing, despite its lack of making me a millionaire, friends that support me is measures that I could not imagine (ex: recent deployment) and a home that is close to being what I dreamed of as a little girl.

O.k. when put like that, there is definitely little to regret. The good definitely outweighs the bad without comparison.

Anyway, speaking of my perfect husband, here are the flowers that he brought when he picked me up for lunch at work. Gorgeous right!?! What can I say, I live the life of a modern day princess thanks to him. O.k. I must go and polich my tiara now. Until later ...

1 Tea Party Guest:

lime said...

happy birthday!! hope it was everythign you could have hoped for in a special day:)