October 2, 2006

Craft Corner: Like a kid in a candy store

Hmmm ... what do I want!?! I'm like kid in the candy store trying to pick out their favorite candy ...

Fabric: My preference is Monaco evenweave, 22-28 ct, but also use 16 and 32 ct on occasion. I am just discovering colored fabrics and pinks and greens are my favorite, but I am also hoping to get some greys. I also stitch on lace bookmarkers, doilies, breadclothes and showcase huck towels.

Needles for those counts are always a plus as I go through them like crazy.

Patterns: I love Victorian-style patterns and am looking for these in particular ...

Chatelaine: Rose Lights

Lavender and Lace: Dance of Roses*
Little Wings
Gift of Peace
Angel of Grace
Nantucket Rose
Ice Angel
Angel of Spring
Angel of Summer
Celtic Winter
Angel of Dreams
Secret Santa
Firefly Fairies
Peace Angel
Angel of Christmas
Celtic Christmas

Mirabilia: Royal Holiday
Enchanted Mermaid
Maidens of the Seasons
Maidens of the Seasons I
Caring Wings
Queen of Freedom*
Spring Queen
Winter Queen
Rose of Sharon
Butterfly Fairy

Vermillion Stitchery: Angel Ornament
Lady Liberty

Waxing Moon: Snow Days Bellpull

Zweigart's: Holiday Treats

I am also a BIG collector of Victorian style tea cups and tea pots, and there are too many of those to count, but some I like include:
Coffee Menu, Little House Needlworks
Floral Tea Pots (One and Two), Just Cross Stitch
Sippin' and Stitching, Jeanette Crews Designs
Tea Cup Sampler, Stoney Creek
Rose Teapot, Laura Kramer Doyle
Watermelon Teapot, Laura Kramer Doyle
Teacup Stack, Candamar Designs, Inc.
Teacup Wreath, Sandy Lynam Clough through Candamar Designs, Inc.
Tea Set Tea Tray, Sudberry House

Editor's note: I am still "finding myself" in cross stitching. I have been stitching for 23 years (since I was 5) but have only recently discovered the many patterns available, having stitched what was given to me as gifts or what I could find at Wal-Mart. If you have any suggestions in the "victorian-styles" or Antique American (versus country-type Americana) please let me know. It may be that I have just not discovered a pattern or designer yet. Even if you don't want to trade, but have a pattern or designer suggestion, please leave me a note in the comments box below. For me it's still a magical, ever-expanding world, and I hope it always will be.
I am still in the process of listing projects, so check back often and I'll try to keep it updated.

*patterns that I REALLY want for my collect due to special significance.

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Comments posted:
Von said...
Hi Michelle,
You have some nice designs on your list. :)
Have you considered any of the Victoria Sampler designs? Check out their wonderful website, loaded with freebies:
Thea is one of my favorites! :D

Meari said...
How about Carriage House Samplings
or Little House Needleworks

1 Tea Party Guest:

Jade said...

Hi, I have one or two Lavender and Lace patterns you have listed, if you are still interested, I will dive into my stash and find them, just let me know!