March 18, 2006

Craft Corner: Secret Sister sends stash!

Well a few weeks ago I ranted about signing up for a secret sister exchange. I had signed up and faithfully send my packages and even whenvthe second one got lost in the mail I took the time to fill out the paperwork on a lost package and offering to send a replacement package.

Through the entire three month time, my secret sister sent me nothing, but according to the coordinator had no problem receiving hers. Well her secret sister, understanding that it wasn't fair, sent me a package instead of her for the last month. I received it yesterday and opened it to find ...

1. Angel Heart Sampler chart, by Alma Lynne's Provate Collection
2. Cross Stitcher kit, by Lisa Coleman
3. Jaylynn pkg of 36 varigated threads
4. 18 ct. linen-Wild Raspberry (looks like eggplant color-very pretty!)
5. Janlynn's Just-s-Chart, Four Seasons Chairs
6. Sweet Nothings "A Single Rose" Chart, JBW Designs
7. Sweet Nothings "Cherries" Chart, JBW Designs
8. Just Nan, "Buttlerfly Lace" Chart

Thank you secret sister. It is beautiful stuff and I can't wait to get started.

I am a little hesitant to do the secret sister again, but we'll see...

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