March 8, 2006

Craft Corner: Great S. E. X.!

As I previous wrote, last Friday I had the chance to check out an my newly discovered LNS. I stopped by again today to drop off a project for framing and picked up a few more things.

In a recent trade, I discovered specialty threads, specifically Weeks Dye Works. There was also a plethora of patterns and specialty fabrics such as afghans and towels. So after a total of nearly two hours of exploring for the two days, this is what I got ...

1. Bent Creek, Glory
2. Amaryllis Artworks, Pineapple Welcome by Denise Harrington Pratt
3. Lizzie Kate Snippet #S31, Summer ABC's
4. Lizzie Kate Snippet #S50, Dear Santa, We've Got Cookies
5. Lizzie Kate Flippit #F14, St. Patrick's Day
6. Lizzie Kate Flippit #F23, April Blocks
7. Heart in Hand Needleart, Little Angel in the Clouds
8. Weeks Dye Works, (2276) Camelia
9. Weeks Dye Works, (2339) Blue Bonnet

I also got some stuff for my Secret Sister and a fellow stitcher for a trade but sent the packages before photographing them. Well I guess I'll go. I want to get back to drooling over my new stash.

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