February 8, 2006

Super Bowl XL

I admit, I am an avid Super Bowl watcher ... commercials that is. I love them, but that's probably becasue I am into media-type stuff (it is my job). So here are my top ten favorites, but not in a particular order:

1. Budweiser half-time: I was nearly in tears when I saw the young clydsdale pulling the cart wit ht older ones pushing from behind. It amazes me that they are so creative, always topping the one from the year before. I can't wait until next year.

2. Budweiser stadium: was also amazing

3. Budweiser streaking sheep: FREAKING HILARIOUS!

4. Bud Light's "revolving fridge": FREAKING HILARIOUS! "Magic fridge, magic fridge ..." do you have a sister stove that cooks dinner?

5. Bud Light "hidden in the office": I loved it! Maybe I should try it at the office, but I'd have to hide cigarrettes becasue I'm only 1 of 2 who does not smoke.

6. Bud Light "Mr Fix-It": These guys are really creative! And its only the 1st quarter. What's next!?!

7. Prehistoric FedEx: He got his ass stomped! That made me laugh out loud. "Not my problem." Sounds like a boss or two I've had.

8. Taco Bell: I feel the same way about Taco Bell.

9: Mastercard McGuyver: Gotta love Richard Dean Anderson

10. Sprint "Crime Deterrant": Classic! Loved it! I break so many phones doing that!

Now to critique the game ... Oh, wait, I was typing this during the game so I wouldn't miss the commercials!

Editor's note: I wrote this Super Bowl Sunday but was apparently too tired to post it!

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