December 13, 2005

Rumors: The waiting and wondering

This suck! The rumors are getting way out of hand as our Soldiers and families prepared for the pending (?) deployment.

"They are pushing it back!, They are not going to deploy! They are going to Afghanistan/Iraq/Kuwait! They are not deploying them because they are still too new of a unit. They are only sending some!" Really at this point there is nothing that you can tell me that I haven't already heard. I personally think the rumors make it worst. The waiting and wondering is bad enough, but everyday there is always something new that "someone" heard "someone" say but "it is not being released yet."
Seriously people, this isn't stocks and bond people. Insider information gets you nothing but a headache. I don't believe anything unless it is sent by the commander or the Family Readiness Group leader. George and I talk about it of course, the options and how we'll plan for each one, but for now we are trying to focus on the holidays and spending time with our families.

As the craziness ensues, I am thankful I have a job, friends and school to keep me busy. Another thing that is driving me crazy is that people are still being moved around, but that's the Army for you.

So as I conclude this "minor" rant, to the people out there who love to be "the one in the know" stop with the rumors. You don't get brownie points or attention for "knowing" anything. Wait until the commanders and FRG leaders put it out, then its valid. Until then, don't you have some shopping or decorating to do!?!

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Kelly'sEffeminateAngel said...

Hehe. I understand you frustration there hun. And yes, I am sure those that spread the "knowledge" they think they possess are looking for some sort of attention. Just try to focus on the holidays coming up and time with loved ones. There is always plenty to do in preparation for tht sort of thing:) I hope all works out for you and George!!

Sis B said...

I started dating a soldier 6 months ago, and I've already been through the rumor mill roller coaster several times. I've been lurking here for a little while, and I've come here by way of The Howling Cat. I just wanted to drop by and say hello, and thank you for your posts. I plan to marry Soldier Boy, and it's nice to read your real life trials. It's a big job, being the spouse of a military man. Thank you for writing about it!