December 13, 2005

Craft Corner: Christmas ornaments

This is the first year I have decorated a Christmas tree and I was very excited. Growing up in a family of 12, this was a difficult task, so my stepmother did it when we were asleep. My mom always had her tree up when we went to visit, so at 27-years-old, I excitedly pulled out my many homemade ornaments and my husband and I decorated the tree with a little help from Sgt. Major (our puppy).
When George and I first started dating I had decided to make a new "Victorian-style" ornament each year with a friend from college. Mine were all read, white and gold; Amy's were all blue, white and silver. Here are mine, i took pictures after hanging them up.
My husband thought the tree was a little bare, so I also hung the ornaments I made as a child, the ornaments I got in last year's ornament exchange (my first one) and the one made by my great-grandmother, who passed summer 2004.
Here are my "Victorian-style" ornaments, I'll have to photograph the others and post them too.
It wasn't until I started pulling out the ornaments that I realized I have given away all of my cross stitched ones that I made. I guess I'll have to remedy that in 2006.
I have more in the storage box, but alas we are out of hangers, so I'll post them later.

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