December 15, 2005

I'll be home for Christmas ...

"I'll be home for Christmas ... you can count on me!"

Never were those words more true that last night, when at the stroke of midnight the Youth Services Gym shook with cheers as the announcement came that the Soldiers of the 814th Engineers had arrive. Moments later silence fell as these weary Warriors filed in the gym, formation strong as the day they left.

Steadfast and true, these Soldiers stood side-by-side, unwavering, as they did those long months overseas. The excitement could not be contained as the commander said, "Go to your families!" and tears ran faster than feet.

For me it was more so exciting than the events I had covered in my daily duties as a Army journalist, for today Brian came home ... friend and neighbor, my husband and I share more than a zip code with Brian and his wife Jenn. College memories, weddings and new babies are just the tip of the memories we will accumulate with them as our futures intertwine.

His daughter, just short of two years, fell silent as he picked her up and held her. Overwhelmed by the activity in the gym and having her daddy home had actually silenced this energetic chatterbox. His son, born shortly before he left, sat content on mommy's hip, smiling at his daddy, but not quite sure if he wanted to go to him yet.

Weary, but excited we all climbed into the car to go pick up his gear.

He left to gather his things, taking his daughter with him, not quite ready to put her down. "That's Da-Da" she informed us as he dropped her off with us in the car to get his last bag, but fell silence again when he returned.

"Are you sure she talks?" he asked us repeatedly.

Give it a few days Brian, you'll see ... you'll wonder how you even asked that question. But before the silence drifts away let me say ... "It's good to have you home!"

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What a happy story:)

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Very heartwarming. Thanks for the morning happy tears.

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a warm welcome to home . nice pic