December 20, 2005

I just want to stitch ...

I just want to stitch. That's all. I'm not asking the house cleaning fairy to come, or pray pray for some neighborhood child to show up on my doorstep begging to wrap the gifts I haven't gotten to yet "just for fun!"
It was a weary weekend, and I brought my stitching along, but found very little time to do it.
I have been working on these cute ornaments for next year, but the gold thread that I used is hard to work with and keeps unraveling. Does anyone have a different suggestion?

I still don't know what days I'll have off next week. that will really suck if I have to drive to Houston this weekend, drive back here for work, and drive back to Houston for New Years. I am the only contract worker here and all the Army civilians get the week off. So if I do have to work, I'll be the only one in this heat-forsaken building.
Oh, well. Gotta get back to work now ...

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