December 6, 2005

Craft Corner: WIPs ... current goals

These are the two cross stitch projects I am working on. Recently I decided to stop starting new projects and finish the 22 or so that I have ongoing. That does not mean however, that I will stop purchasing patterns, fabric or other "stash" items ... (shhh! Don't tell my husband!)

The top is the photo from the book. There are actually five "Roly Poly Santas" but i didn't start the fifth until after the picture was already taken. Usually I do one at a time, but this time I decided to do them all at once since they used the same colors, but didn't account for space between for cutting and sewing into ornaments. I'll figure something out.
This one I am really excited about. there are very few projects that I kept over the years. I gave most away to friends and family, because it was the fun of stitching that I enjoyed, but now that I have a home I decided to start decorating it.
This is a combination of two projects. The outer border is from a Christmas "stained glass" project and when complete will have ivy and poinsettia around it. I didn't like the inside so I took letters from a sampler on my Better Homes and Garden calendar and put our last name on it. The border book is currently being borrowed by a friend who is make a Christmas stocking for her first child, due next week. So this may not be finished until January, but I just completed the lettering at Thanksgiving.

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