November 4, 2005

Three wishes ...

I'm sitting here watching "Three Wishes" and I haven't stopped crying since the moment it came on. Has anyone else seen this show?

I saw the episode last week where they visited a military installation. They gave away three house and had a surprise wedding.

This week a newly blind mother tries to overcome her fear of going out on her own. Just trying to do everything things like crossing the street or take her child to the park was heartbreaking as she struggled with her fear.

The there was a couple who used every penny they had to found the Happy Factory, a group of volunteers who made and donated toys to underprivileged children around the world. Not only did they get to go to Nicaragua to deliver toys themselves, but got a new, larger factory.

The third story was of a little girl who was caught in a fire and using what she had learned in a fire safety class, was able to get out safely. All she wanted was a chance to thank the firefighters and become a junior firefighter. After that was complete the fire department was presented with two new trucks.

It is a very moving show. Kinda makes you wonder, if you had one wish what would it be?

1 Tea Party Guest:

Greg said...

That we all could be home for Christmas. Not just my Unit. All of our Men and Women who are over here.