October 23, 2005

Deployment becomes a reality

Since we were assigned to 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, and even before, I knew a deployment was a reality.

The past year has gone by quickly and it is hard to believe that within the next few months the rigors of preparing for that deployment will be in full force.
Of course the hardest part is not knowing when they will leave. Out of general concerns for security I will not post about his deployment until he is gone, but for those family and friends that receive our monthly updates, I'll let you know.

Although I'm not looking forward to the next 18 months or so and the separation, I do hope that it gives me a chance to get out there and learn to be more independent.
In the past few weeks however, it has become more of a reality as we begin filling out information packets (there is soooo much paperwork) and going to briefings. We are still a few months out, but I've told they pass quickly.

I think it is harder since George moved to a staff officer position because he has been gone back and forth the New York (Fort Drum) for leaders' training or something like that. We haven't been together for more than 6 days since the move, but if I keep reminding myself that the pre-deployment separations are for his safety and that of his Soldiers, I understand it even though it is not easier.

Good news is he returned today and will not leave for about 10 days, so we have some time. In the meantime, fellow XO spouses Nikki and Ashley (George was Company XO) make it easy. We are all still "new spouses" (Nikki's husband was in Korea their first year of marriage) and we are planning on sticking it through together.

For now, its just a waiting game, but we knew what we were getting into and are FIERCELY proud of our husbands.

2 Tea Party Guest:

Call Me Grandma said...

Prayers being said for your soldier. May the good Lord protect and guide him, and may he return home to you safe and sound. God Bless you and yours.

sher said...

I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a small group of other women to struggle with thru this deployment you face. The separation will be long and difficult. My husband and I are in the last leg of ours that will be 20 months before it is over. I tried to "go it alone" in the beginning and quickly realized it was a futile effort and only made things worse. I have forged relationships with others that have helped me cope with it all. I hope you are lucky and blessed enough to do the same. Good luck and God bless!