August 11, 2014

Quiltsmart Rescue

Hopefully you are enjoying the Quiltsmart posts. I am very excited about the projects and having so much fun with them. A few set backs, but it's less stressful when I have multiple projects to work on. I hate when I am so focused on one project, if I come to a problem like fabric shortage or running out of the correct thread, it derails the entire day!

So yesterday, I was working on my medallion for my solo Round Robin and despite being pinned to the fabric the printed interfacing was snagging on the bottom of the foot on my machine. The previous 20+ pieces I had sewn had no issue. But things happen and it made this piece all puckered and wobbly (technical term!). My Mom thorized that the bobbin had gotten snagged on something internally because the stitches got really close together in some parts. 

Since I hadn't changed the foot, stitch, tension, etc., it seemed plausible. I was worried about how to proceed since this was a centerpiece that the "feathers" revolve around. So my options were:

Discard the piece and go on without it (Quickest method)
Replace it with a ZigZapp circle or other shape (Easiest method)
Carefully try rip the stitches and salvage the interfacing and fabric (Chaleenging method)

Mom and Mattie have both said that the interfacing is stronger than it appears, so as long as I was careful it would be o.k. 

So in the end, I was able to fix the problem. Obviously, its not something you'd want to do often, but at least ypu don't have to scrap a project because of a mistake!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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