December 28, 2012

Homecoming and Holiday Update

Morning all! I'm sitting here drinking my cup of coffee and making a list of al the things I need to do today when I realize, that I haven't post any photos fromGeorge's homecoming or Disney. To be honest its been a whirlwind 2 weeks. I still can't believe he's been home 14 days ... so much has happened.

Daddy came home and after 2 days at work for me catching up on end of the year stuff, we headed to Disney World for a week long vacation and family time. We came home to the customary whirlwind Christmas celebrations (which continue this weekend). I got a call from my step-sister who lives about an hour away that Baby Alex (my 6-month-old nephew) was having breathing complications and was being airlifted to Houston's Texas Children's. Now to be honest, this is a scary situation, but one that has been reoccuring in his little lifetime.

The day after Christmas I went to visit and realizing how difficult it was for her to update the numerous family members every time she got an update, I asked if she'd like to start a blog to keep family and friends updated now and once he returned home would allow those of us not near (I only see him when he is at the hospitals here in Houston) to watch his amazing journey. She agreed and thus, For the Love of Alex was born.

This adorable little boy was born with a variety of challenges, but that hasn't stopped him from being our litte superhero. He was eventually diagnosed with Chromosome 14q deletion syndrome, two holes in his heart (ASD and VSD), lung and kidney issues, and pituitary gland function issues. But that hasn't stopped this little guy from charming the ladies and amazing the gents!

I will post some pics of the homecoming, Disney trip and Christmas soon.

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