August 28, 2012

My Poor Baby!!

So today was Jamie's second day in his new class and I got a call at 9:30 a.m. That he had a 102.6 temp. Poor baby! When I got there he was asleep in the "sick room" and had apparently been playing with cars and fallen asleep which made his teacher concerned.

He was perfectly fine when I took his temp before leaving at 7 a.m.! He had a slight cough yesterday but only when he was running around so we thought it was allergies!

As soon as I picked him up, he threw up all over me an him. It was that surreal moment when your kid throws up and you realize just holding him closet you will minimize the clean up. Eewww!! I cleaned him up and changed his clothes, the cleaned myself as best I could, then headed to the store to pick up the essentials.

He was pretty lethargic, nearly falling asleep in the cart, but we got in and out fast and he fell asleep on the wY home. Once home, I settled him on the sofa and of course he wanted to watch Thomas the Train. I thought he was going to fall back asleep so I gave him a dose of children's Tylenol, but that stuff is like adrenaline to my kid!! I age it to him at 11 a.m. and I swear he didn't slow down until 4 p.m. He started to shiver and fell asleep only to wake up 45 minutes layer burning up. After a cold bath ( which went surprisingly well), we laid in be for a while, pausing or dinner or diaper changes. Hopefully, the fee broke with the bath and he gets better soon ...

2 Tea Party Guest:

ancient one said...

oh your sweet, sweet, little man... I hope he feels better really soon... (((hugs))) for both of you!

Meari said...

Wow, has he grown and changed. He's a little boy now! I hope he's feeling better now.