May 7, 2012

A "Have You Lost Your Mind" Moment

Seriously, motherhood should not be this hard!!

Everytime I leave Jamie with someone I get reports of how well behaved he was, but I'm still waiting to see this for myself! In fact, he's been in school 6 weeks now and when I spent the morning at his school for the trike-a-thon his teachers were shocked at how he treated me - hitting, head-butting, kicking, completely refusing to listen to me. It's not like I let him do it. I put him in time out, refuse to acknowldge tantrums, etc. But I must be doing somethig wrong.

Take yesterday for example ... I earned the parent from hell looks of disapproval as this child decided he did not want to walk but would rather be dragged through the pet store as he snatched stuff off the shelves and threw them on the floor. There was not one cart in the store, so dragging him and a 50 lb bag of dog food was super fun!! ... he literally refused to lock his legs!

What would even prompt that behavior!?! His tantrums are epic and he has decided he loves to hear himself scream like I'm beating him ... Which is how he entertained himself while we got groceries this morning.

I think I'm ready for this phase to be over ... I'm not even sad "he's growing so fast" ... I wish it was faster sometimes!

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