January 13, 2012

Hello Daddy!!

Yesterday was a rough day with Sgt. Major being hurt, but it started off pretty great. Almost as soon as we woke up we got a Skype call from Daddy on the big screen TV. Jamie was very excited. It took some time to get him to stay in the area where George could see him because kept trying to go up close and wave or run to where a toy was out of range to show George. It was really cute to see and it was great to see George. He was tired, which could be expected after more than 16 hours of flying plus plane changes, time changes, and coordinating travel to the base in Korea.

We talked to George again yesterday afternoon (and luckily had some good news about Sgt. Major, not just the scary stuff) and then again this morning for a very brief time. We will have to work on it because when George gets off Jamie cries and spends the next few hours pushing buttons on the TV and cable box or just generally getting made because he can't find the "channel with Daddy".

Here are a few pictures from that first time. Jamie was so funny- he kept waving to George and showing him toys and stuff!!

I'll post more stuff later. Until our next cup of tea,

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Vee said...

Such a touching post. I'm sitting here misty-eyed at the thought of Jamie continuing to look for his daddy. As a child whose father was deployed three times before I was ten, I'm feeling very sympathetic. Everyone in the family serves when a parent is in the service of his/her country including the smallest.