August 19, 2011

Operation Organization: Keeping Up with the Toys!!

Jamie is 18-months-old and since we moved him into his room at 3 months I have been wanting to create a "cubby" system for his toys. For the most part his toys were in one of two baskets, either in his room or downtairs in the livingroom. In my mind they were contained, but recently I was informed that I didn't have enough toys for him.

The cubby system kept getting put on the back burner because I couldn't find a shelf in the same wood color as his bedding. I guess it wasn't that necessary, but I'm OCD and things have to be the way I see them in my mind.

Well, recently I conceeded and agreed that white wouldn't be that bad either. So after months of rolling my pennies I finally went and got the cubby system Target yesterday. (Seriously, I literally rolled change for months finally accumulating $104.)

With a little help from the little man and some heavy sighs from the pup for interrupting his 18-hour nap, we did it. Here's some photos:



He did this minutes after I put all the toys on it -- He's smart and stood to the side to push it over, but we had a little talk and, Grandmas (real and adopted) don't worry, he hasn't done it anymore.

Spoiler alert, Elissa: I made you the same multi-purpose blanket for Baby Carson and Definately, don't be shy to "break it in", it's durable enough to take out fishing with Daddy and Mommy!

My little handy helper even pitched in ...

There still more that I want to get. I need 3 more containers and there were some larger bins on wheels probably good for his bigger toys like balls or large trucks and then there was a laundry hamper. I'm pretty happy with it and we'll slowly get more stuff. We move in Decemeber, so I'm hoping that at the next place we can paint his room a tan color and the red and navy will really look good. I'm not too proud to accept gifts either, so if anyone is in Target and wants to get a gift card, I'll send me address! :-)

Well, I'm off to figure out how to get the videos from my iPhone uploaded on here, so have a great weekend!

2 Tea Party Guest:

ancient one said...

Our little one got to play with the hammer on Wednesday. We visited my daughter(his grandmother)and his mother and Avery came over to play. Penny gave him a hammer and let him pretend to fix the rocking chairs on the back porch. These boys know what tools are for. LOL

oh oh, the word verification Is "pregg".. LOL

Meari said...

You could always find some paint in the same shade as the crib and paint the cubby to match. :)

Might want to consider anchoring the cubby to the wall so that when he decides to "climb" it, it won't topple over on him.