April 24, 2011

Just like G'ma did it!

When I was little, like 5 years old, my paternal grandmother, who helped raise my brother and I after my parents divorce, would make cookies and cool them on large bath towels. I don't know why, maybe they cooled more evenly, maybe it was just so she could put another batch in the oven, but this is a memory that stick with me ... sneaking hot cookies off the table, pull too quickly and part of the cookie stays stuck to the towel.

Even now as an adult, when I make cookies, I lay them out on towels to cool, for no other reason than that's what gramdma did. I tried to explain to my husband once and it was lost on him, so now he just accepts that we have a bath towel or two that is for the kitchen. I even found some dish towels recently with the same texture that have sections for stitching, so I'm thinking I'll stitch "cookies" on them one day.

Hmmm ... just thought I'd share since I spend a good portion of the day baking cookies for a bake sale ... you can return to your regularly scheduled programming ...

Until our next cup of tea (with cookies) ...

3 Tea Party Guest:

Sue said...

An awesome idea - and how nice it must be for you to know that you aren't just baking cookies, but reminiscing at the same time. Lost on George? I bet he and Jamie STILL enjoy the cookies - right?
No question about that!
Blessings to you,

Meari said...

I've never heard of cooling cookies on a towel before. My G'ma died when I was 10 and I don't remember her baking. My Mom cooled cookies on racks. No matter which way - rack or towel, cookies are still yummy!

Portugal said...

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