April 7, 2011

I'd pay the guy with the gun!

The government may shut down because people who make a lot of money can't agree on a budget. Nice! So here we sit, just one of millions of military families wondering if we'll have money to buy groceries for our kids in the upcoming weeks.

Watching the news, Googling and web surfing is making me crazier by the minute. My day is now punctuated by conversations with other military spouses of speculation, reassuring the families in our unit that we'll be o.k. (just as I too freak out!) and random updates as I can interject them as I continue to chase around a 13-month-old who has decided to grow at what I'm sure is a usual rate, but is insanely fast to me and wonder if I should hold off on getting him new clothes or just let him run around in diapers and tee-shirts that show off his adorable belly button. Maybe I can convince Nana and Grammie to send him clothes for Easter!

The worse part is the web-searching, which I know I should stop, but its a losing battle. As I contimplate the reality that my husband can be called to protect his country at a moment's notice, but they can't seem to assure us of food on our tables, I am assalted by comments such as this:

Possibility of Military Pay stop: "good, let's end these wars!"

Really!?! You think that stopping military pay will stop the wars? Oh, here's a though ... terrorists think its the perfect time to attack because troops are distracted by caring for their families.

Our service members still get up and go to work ... both here and abroad they just have to chose groceries or pay for the gas they have to put in the car to get to work. I'll bet if they go AWOL someone will be knocking on their door.

Have we really reached this point in America's history that we are contemplating not paying the very people who put their lives on the line to protect the country. Well, I'm glad that we're protecting freedom of speech so people can tell me that what my husband does is morally wrong ... My advise to them ... Here's a quarter. Call someone who cares!

3 Tea Party Guest:

Lisa said...

Amen and Amen!!

ancient one said...

I'm with you! the first people to be paid is our troops... I hate the way the government is going...this mess is rediculous and its been going on way too long !!!

Sue said...


I think you've pretty much summed up how all of us feel - NEVER should the military NOT be paid.
Amen to your post.