April 3, 2011

Happy dance ... The best part of a deployment ...

Deployments ... what a trying time for a military family, but when its over, when you are standing there and you see your service member walk in, and your heart swells with pride, your eyes fill with tears and your smile lights up the room, it almost makes it worth it.

We've been doing the deployment thing off and on for almost 8 years and though you may think I'm crazy, I have to say, deployments make our family better ... and stronger. Now, don't get me wrong, we don't look forward to deployments, but we live life with the philosophy of looking on the bright side and I must say, I think military families are lucky.

Every time he comes home, whether its a week or a year, I get to relive the "honeymoon" phase. It's like seeing for the first time after months of darkness. Everything is better ... the grass is greener, the sky a brighter blue, the sun a warmer yellow. I am reminded all over again of just how much I love my Soldier.

Sometimes, I am actually sad that the "civilian" world doesn't get to relive that feeling. I love the joy of that "first kiss" all over again.

Now, I'll be the first to be sad when he starts packing those bags or marking days off the calendar as leave date approaches, but once he leaves I look forward to that return with the anticipation of a girl waiting for her first date. And what girl doesn't love an excuse to buy a new dress and pretty shoes ...

And while I'm on the subject, let me just say to my blogging buddy and friend, Army Blogger Wife, it must be like a club at your house with all the happy dancing going on. Welcome home, Gunner!

Until our next cup of tea ...

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Lisa said...

We've only been through one deployment, but I also felt like it made our family stronger. We didn't enjoy the time apart, but it strengthened our communication and love for one another.