February 13, 2011

I'm the birthday boy!!!

Wow! It's really hard to believe its been a year since Baby George was born. So much has happened and yes, I could get all teary-eyed and start reminising about all the little moment like his first word, first tooth, first time he crawled, rolled over or smiled, but that's what this blog is about, so you've heard it already.

I will tell you kiddo has his own way of celebrating ... he must get that from his daddy. The morning started off with his getting stuck behind the recliner, so he decided to play back there for a while. Then he dumped the shredder in the office, because really, what is a party without confetti!?! Then he decided he wanted to eat some dog food.

At that point we went to play in his room where he was more "contained" and so that was the first 30 minutes of the day ... Boy, was I glad I made coffee!

After eating 4 breakfast muffins (which make a larger mess than I had anticipated) he played while Grammie watched him and I took (an uniterrupted) shower.

Then after he took a nap, we headed over to visit Marcus so Mommy could order his new "big boy bag" from Thirty-One Gifts and he played with Marcus from playgroup for about an hour.

After leaving Mary and Marcus' house we went to Panera Bread where Jamie filled up on macarroni and cheese and blueberry yogurt. When they realized it was his birthday, they gave him a free chocolate chip cookie. I guess he liked it ...

After lunch, we came home and Baby George took a nap while I baked his cake. Lemon cake with cream cheese icing ... the same as the baby shower!

When he woke up he played for a few hours and then Grammie fed him lasagna for dinner ... followed by cake!

(Baby George's lemon cake with cream cheese icing.)

("So what do you think of lemon cake and cream cheese icing???)

All in all it was a great day, but we missed Daddy. He will return tomorrow, so I'm sure there will be some more celebrating. Baby George is asleep now and I'm not too far behind ... I'll post about his party and gifts a little later.

Until our next cup of tea,

4 Tea Party Guest:

Sue said...


It's so hard to believe that Baby George is a year old already. And he is a beautiful - ummm, I mean VERY handsome little boy. Just from looking at the pictures, I would say he enjoyed every single moment of the day - especially the chocolate chip cookie and his birthday cake.
Happy Birthday To Baby George, and happy "birth day" to his mommy.
Many blessings for a wonderful year to come.

Vee said...

Oh my! This is nearly unbelievable to me. But if you say so and I think YOU should know. He's so cute and so typically boy. I'm glad that he is able to placate himself when in a "situation." It's always good to be able to make the best of getting stuck. He's just adorable and he looks so happy and healthy. You're doing a great job!

ancient one said...

Happy Birthday to Baby George!!

Meari said...

It is hard to believe he's already a year old!! Sounds like he had a great day, though. That lemon cake looks so cute. I bet it was tasty, too.