May 11, 2010

Never too old to play games ...

So since I've been a mom .. Mother's Day marked 3 months, I've learned a lot. In fact, not only did I learn that you can still play games, I've discovered a new game. Now some of you more "experienced" moms may already know about this one, but think back to when you first learned it ... o.k. here it goes.

When hubby gets home, I pass him the baby and say I have to make dinner (that marks the start!), then I rush to throw dinner on the stove (if you are lucky you can do prep during baby's naptime, but that is a whole other game!), then while it is simmering/coming to a boil/roasting/baking I rush to see how much housework I can get done before the timer goes off or hubby gets tired of entertaining baby and hands him back.

Some days its a crazy, out of control race tothe finish. There's obsticles like the puppy needs to go out, baby wants a bottle, hubby gets an important call ... Whew! The challenge is endless. In the end you get a variety of prizes like, clean shiny counters, an empty sink, a swept floor, or sorted mail. Oh, the possiblilites are mind-boggling. Why just tonight I loaded the dish washer, washed bottled, cleared and wiped counters, put away all the scrapbooking from earlier attempt (how naive of me to try during daylight hours), clipped a stack of coupons, and emptied half the dishwasher before the timer went off. Personal best time!!! People without kids are totally missing out on this game!

Until our next cup of tea ...

1 Tea Party Guest:

Vee said...

Yup, I remember the game well. Fact is, I'm still playing it minus the children. Loved the Mother's Day recipe above. Kids really do come up with some cute things. You'll be laughing yourself silly one of these days not too far from now. But then, at three months, I bet you already have things to laugh about.