February 13, 2009

Facing Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th … Is it more than just a movie or is it just an old wives tale?
The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia.

"Some 21 million Americans suffer from the condition," says Donald Dossey, a behavioral scientist specializing in the treatment of phobias and credited with coining the term paraskevidekatriaphobia. "I have treated patients who won't even get out of bed on Friday the 13th."

There is no definite beginning of the legend of losing luck on this day, but many surmise that in some cultures the number 13 is an unlucky number and Friday is an unlucky day. Thus the combination of the two multiplies the bad luck exponentially.

In numerology, the number twelve is considered the number of completeness, as reflected in the twelve months of the year, twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve hours of the clock, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve Apostles of Jesus, twelve gods of Olympus, etc., whereas the number thirteen was considered irregular, transgressing this completeness.

Friday has been considered an unlucky day at least since the 14th century's The Canterbury Tales, and many other professions have regarded Friday as an unlucky day to undertake journeys or begin new projects. Black Friday has been associated with stock market crashes and other disasters since the 1800s. It has also been suggested that Friday was the day that Jesus was crucified.

In my mind the opposite is true, a baker’s dozen (13) gives you more cookies to enjoy, Friday is the end of a (often) long work week. I am one of 13 children (no joke!) and Friday’s are date night for me and my husband. How can that be bad!
I guess its all in how you look at things! This year we will have 3 Friday the 13ths occurring … February, March and November.

I encourage you to try to change your luck today and defy the superstition of Friday the 13th … It can’t hurt to try. Leave the staying in bed with the covers pulled over your head for rainy days!

Until our next cup of tea ...

4 Tea Party Guest:

Vee said...

Learn something new every day! One of thirteen? Where do you fall in? I just hope you're not the oldest and I also hope that you're not the youngest. Happy Date Night!

ancient one said...

Interesting post!

Happy Date Night and Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow..

nikki said...

i agree..can't be too bad...taylor was born on friday the 13!

stitcherw said...

Interesting information, liked your comment at the end too on how it (like most things) is really how you look at it. Like so many things, attitude is everything.