January 10, 2009

Part Patience, Part Anxiety, Completely Army Life!

Well, here we are mere hours away the last of our Soldiers returning home and I can barely contain my excitement. I am exhausted from nearly two weeks of baking cookies, talking with parents, cleaning my house (even though my Soldier is home ...) and balancing work and school, but it is absolutely worth it.

This day ends 14-month long months of waiting.

I am in heaven as the smells of peanut butter and chocolate chips waft through the house. My husband sits contently in the livingroom catching up on XBox gaming and periodically pausing to send a batch of cookies through "quality control testing." I've already had to go get more cookie dough, but I'm not complaining.

A few weeks ago we attend the Reunion Training Class offered by the unit's chaplain. It was a time for George and I to look back at our experiences and share with other spouses, those who are facing it for the first time.

Many commented on how we seemed to be perfectly content amid all of the turmoil and stress surrounding the challenges of reintergration. We both admitted that it's not always easy, but the key is to communicate and give each other space.

I sit here now, thinking back over his return from the last deployment compared to this one and realize that even if the factors are the same (unit, deployment time, their mission) we still handled this reunion differently that last time.

Most military spouses will admit that over the course of a deployment you change. You mature, become more independent and gain confidence. Lst time he came home I was clingy, catered to his every whim and routinely sacrificed what I wanted to do for his choice. Boy have things changed now!

It's not that I don't do those things, but I've learned to give him his space, communicatied about what we wanted to do and compromised on jumping to assist his every need or want. Judging the two deployment reunions, I realized that as much as we can try to plan for what we expect, things will be different. And THAT is what makes Army life such an adventure, the unknown and uncertainty can help bring a Family together if they are willing to communicate and face challenges together.

Well, the oven is beeping at me and the cookies are disappearing, so I must return to the kitchen ...

Unit our next cup of tea ...

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Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh I wish I could sit down and do some taste testing too. I can only imagine what a satisfying time this is for you and your beloved.

God bless the USA and all those who have served to include the families waiting behind!

stitcherw said...

Sounds like things are moving right along, if at a crazy pace. I'll bet the cookies do smell wonderful, what a yummy treat to make for them. I'm so glad that the group is coming home, and how great that there is the support network to help with the transition of them all coming back. I'll bet it is difficult to get used to being together for people after being apart for that length of time.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Good Morning Spanish Princess!

It's wonderful to meet you! I can almost smell your wonderful cookies all the way to Minnesota :).

God bless your husband and you for serving our country!

Kathi :)

Sue said...

I loved the picture you have painted - knowing that this is exactly what my daughter and son in law wait for. Even though they just had two weeks together here with Kasey - and their contentment of being together brought tears to my eyes - I know that Laurie is waiting until his deployment is over.
I have been a military mom for 10 years and still am amazed at the simplicity which makes them happy. It really IS very simple - being together is all that matters.
And I smile.
God bless you and George - I know that your lives aren't easy, but you also love each other very much. It's very clear.
God bless you both for your sacrifices - it doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated.
I promise.
Hugs to you my friend.

lime said...

sounds like you've grown in good ways. this is always a good thing:)

kbug said...

Oh yeah, the smell of home-baked goodies is wonderful...I enjoy doing that for my deployed baby boy, but the packages are taking over a month to get to him right now and I worry that everything I bake will arrive fuzzy and green. He has at least 5 months left to his deployment...then he'll return to Hood and his wife and 4-month-old son. I can't wait for that day!!! :)