August 17, 2008

The Adventures of a Spoiled Bulldog ...

O.k. so let me first start off by saying that I am as careful as possible when Sgt. Major is in the truck with me, the problem is, taht he tends to be claustrophobic. Our Tahoe offers a remedy to this, but since I was toting two large suitcases and anything else I could think we'd need for a month or more in Houston, it was a little tighter than usual.

Halfway through the trip he decided that the front seat would offer more room and when I stopped for a restroom break he had made himself comfortable. Now, one thing about our adorable fat boy is that he picks his battles and when he decides to fight there is little chance of winning. So despite the stack of books he sat on for nearly an hour making him quite uncomfortable, he was excited to be going to gandpa's house. Here is what our trip looked like ...

Until our next cup of tea ...

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lime said...

that dog is so darned cute i can't stand it.

i am so sorry to hear about your FIL and how it is coloring george's leave. hugs and prayers to all of you.

on another note have you had any contact with tommy gunn? i am getting zero response to any sort of communication with him for the last month. is he ok?

lime said...

oh and i almost forgot...happy blogiversary. :)

can you believe it's been 3 yrs for you and almost 3 for me???

stitcherw said...

I was so sorry to hear about your FIL in your earlier post. With everything going on you must be under so much stress it's unbelievable. I'm glad that George is able to get home and have time with his dad. Loved the pictures of Sargent, he looked pretty comfortable to me. Hope you have a good time in Huston and that the drive, weather and everything goes well. {{hugs}}

ancient one said...

That was a very cute post with your dog and you riding along.

Meari said...

I really enjoy your posts about the Sgt, Michelle. It's funny how they still want to sit up front even if it's uncomfortable. My Celeste is the same way.

Sue said...

First to let you know that I am so sorry to hear about George's dad. These are things that are so painful to the heart of everyone who loves him but if there is anything to be grateful for, it's that George can be there now. May God bless your time together. I have gotten a sense in many of your previous posts how important your FIL is to you,
Concerning SGT Major, I LOVE the first picture - it's like he is saying, "it's ok mom. we'll get there ok. Oh, is it time for a hamburger stop?"
Happy 3rd Blogiversary. You are a wondeful young woman and I so admire your strength.
My dear friend, God bless and be with you. Please tell George that I am but one person amongst millions who appreciate him and his service.
Hugs to you both and many prayers,

Cheryl said...

Love these pictures of Sgt Major! They made me laugh!
Congrats on your 3 year blogiversary.
Sorry to hear about your FIL, thinking of you {{hugs}}

Sue said...

It's me again - just thinking about you and keeping you all in prayer.