July 13, 2008

Something about Sundays ...

I've come to love my Sundays this deployment. In facing multiple deployments and seperations, I've learned that finding moments to myself is key to keeping my sanity and peace.

My Sundays have become routine, something that is a bit of a comfort for me. It is the one day I sleep in late, snuggling with the puppy over a cup of coffee as I slowly wake up over whatever craft/home impovement shows. After a quick ... o.k. leisure ... shower, I get ready for the day and then grab my grocery list and head to Wagon Master, the local (moderate tasting) steakhouse (term used loosely!). There I grab a steak salad, well done, no bacon, with extra ranch and a sweet tea. As I read a book or finish my grocery list, I usually listen to the banter of the people around me.

Then I head next door to Wal-Mart to get what isn't at our commissary (which can be hit or miss on my list, I'm a bit picky when George is gone.)

Usually by the time I am heading home I get the customary phone call from my father-in-law asking if I'd heard from his son yet (I get calls on Saturdays.) In more cases than not, George calls in and says his dad's phone was busy, at which point we laugh that he was on the phone with me stressing about when he'd get his call. After hanging up with both, I head home to put away the groceries and play with the puppy while I wait for George to log onto the computer so we can talk a little before he heads off to bed.

After a few hours of homeowrk or craft projects, it's time for dinner. Usually, I eat alone, it's my day, but occasionally I break with tradition and invite a friend over to join me.

Then after cleaning the kitchen and playing with the puppy, I settle in with a stitching project and watch Army Wives with another cup of cappicino, then it's off to bed, to start another week of work.

It's my little piece of solitude and heave. Just enough to help me find my "reset" button.

Until our next cup of tea ...

3 Tea Party Guest:

Alice said...

Sounds like a restful way to spend a Sunday. I had to laugh at the picture. My pup eats ice cream from a spoon but he hasn't learned to drink from a cup yet.

Sue said...

Sounds like you have a good routine going there - and routine can often be comforting. God bless each Sunday - and all other days as well.

lime said...

it sounds like you've found a routine that works well for you. there is something to be said for a certain degree of routine and the comfort it provides. you get to look forward to something each week.