May 29, 2007

A glimpse of heaven ...

Here's a little more about our vacation.

We left after work on May 18. Actually we left at like 8 p.m., but luckily we were only driving the 3 hours to Houston, where our puppy would spend the next 5 days eating Omaha Steakhouse hamburgers, fed to him by grandpa (an I spoil him!?! Yeah right!!!) The next morning we left for New Braunfels, Texas, home of tubing on lazy rivers and Bar-B-Q that still makes my mouth water at the very thought.

After checking in to our condo and unloading the motorcycle (uggg, that's what I forgot to get pics of!) we found that the room they had given us was for a family as the second room had twin beds. So back we went to the office (about a mile away- they have 3 or 4 resorts they oversee). I explained that there were two couple and could we have a condo with two queen beds. So she just switched out the keys and the parking passes (which they terrify you by saying if you don't use your car will be towed, but we are proof that they don't- in fact the security guard I spoke with said it was too much paperwork! Ahhh ... security!) When we got back we realized she was too lazy to ceck and had given us a rier view instead of non-view that we'd paid for. Suckers! George and I quickly claimed that bedrom, but since Gordon and Mindy we only there for the weekend, they didn't mind. (He and George are like brothers seperated at birth.)

After unloading, we headed out for BBQ at Rudy's (ya gotta try it) and then got Mindy a bathing suit becasue she forgot her and me some shorts becasue I thought they were cute.

Next order of business –– the rest of us must find our bathing suits! The boys headed out for beer and water camera (thank you my love for remembering!) while Mindy and I got ready, then off to get tubes. We floated on the river for maybe two hours and since it was getting late, exited at our condo (back stairs lead right to the water) showered for dinner and dropped the tubes off at the rental shack (a term used LOOSELY for the pieces of wood thrown together for buildings used to sell overprices innertubes to suckers like us). We went to the Gruene River Grill (in Gruene, Texas) which is where the pics of me i the white dress are from. It was a beautiful place overlooking the river and we had some "adult" drinks while waiting for a table. Tired (an a little drunk) we headed back to the condo for some R&R and a little TV time.

The next day, we were all up (not so) bright and early and headed back to Gruene for the Americana Music Fest at Gruene Hall (oldest dance hall in Texas!) ater a hearty meal of breakfast burritos from Taco Cabana. At the music fest we spend the next 10 hours partying hard (well I was the designated driver so I indulged my d. coke needs). There we basked in the joy of true Texas country singers such as Two Tons of Steel (love you guys!), The South Austin Jug Band ( that right - JUG BAND), Cory Morrow, Ray Wylie Hubbard ("Snake Farm" ... nuff said!) and a few more I can't remember right now.

Amid the wild Texas music we wandered around the town sqare shopping where I got four important things:
1. A tea cup for my collection
2. enough fudge to make me swear off fudge forever (that takes A LOT of fudge)
3. the newest Pat Green CD and
4. a shirt that says "Screw you, we're from Texas!" (who could pass that up!)

After a long day we headed home where George and Gordon proceeded to watch Top Cowboy on CMT or maybe it was GAC. Anyway, Mindy headed for bed right away, but I stuck it out a while to look at the cute cowboys in tight fitting jeans. Alas I succumb to the days activities and headed to bed before I found out who won.

Monday we had breakfast at the oldest bakery in Texas (we like old stuff, judge us! It just means it must be good.) After filling up on kolachies and apple pies, Gordon and Mindy headed back to Houston (she had to work) and George went shopping at the San Marcos outlet mall. It is so huge I takes nearly a day to walk it, that's not even shopping time! After my feet gave out we headed for Starbucks and back to the room for some rest before dinner.

Tuesday we went to the Army Recreational Site in the hill country for an article for this week's paper, then hit the Dry Comal Creek Winery for some wine tasting. By now it was after lunch, so we headed back to the river for a 2-3 hours kayak trip. It was fun, I dare say easy, but that probably because I left my husband do all of the work. I did scream a bit as we went over the rapids and the water was still cold, so I think he was happy he put me in the front. After dinner we relaxed and wathced the newest episode of The Sopranos before heading to bed.

The next day we sadly packed up and headed back to Houston, where more adventures awaited, but I'll fill you in later!

2 Tea Party Guest:

lime said...

sounds liek a great time. and you know....i coulda helped ya with that fudge :P

stitcherw said...

Wow, you're seeing and doing a lot. Sounds like a wonderful time.