March 19, 2007

Craft Corner: Newest acquisitions, finishes

First of all, let me start with the newest WIP to reach completion and exit my basket of working projects. As I posted eariler (in Feburary) this was not origonally on my WIPs list, but was a "quickie" project that took a little break because I needed to get some specialty threads, but then I figured that since I was going to diplay it in the kitchen (with multiple prayers that it doesn't get ruined) so I found the DMC equivilents and finished it up.

Hey all! Look at what I got!
I got these in the mail last week from Meari and am totally excited to get to them, but I have to finish some of my WIPs first. We'll see how long I can last. I LOVE tea themes and roses as most of you know, so it'll be a bit of a gamble for me to finish some others things up first. Hmmm ... how long do you think I'll last?

3 Tea Party Guest:

Cheryl said...

The teacup looks great! Great stash too, what a lovely gift!

stitcherw said...

Very cute teacup, and what wonderful new stash you got. You are going to be hardpressed to keep from starting a new project. I say give in and go for it. :)

Meari said...

Glad they arrived safely and that you're happy with them. Check back often... I'm always adding new stuff. :D