January 6, 2007

New year, new start

Well it has been a long time since I last wrote (not since last year! Ha! Ha! I just had to throw that in.) I have so much to catch up on and we didn’t have Internet service at my father-in-law’s house, not even dial-up (I’ll wait as you recover from the shock …)

For now I’ll give a brief overview/timeline to begin with then go more in depth over the next few days with pictures and details.

On Dec. 16 we left Fort Polk to begin our three weeks of vacation. The powers that be at work were very helpful extending my two-weeks of annual vacation by an additional week by allowing us to plan it around the week the office was closed over the Christmas/New Year week. My co-workers graciously covered any work I was not able to get a jump on before leave. My husband actually has an additional week (they usually get up to 30 days after a year-long deployment) which he’ll take next week.

Dec. 15- I had a short day at work today, with all of the errands I had to run before we left for Houston. At work there was a Chrsitmas party, but neither KG or I attended. George's until had they redeployment (homecoming) ceremony at 3 p.m. which I actually had to cover for the paper. I literally went to his CIB (Combat Infantry Badge) pinning ceremony, walked over to the ceremony site, took pics, after ceremony interviewed commander, went to reception at his unit headquarters, went to leave digital pics at office, went to house, changed for dinner with two other couples, came home wrote the article, emailed it to boss and went to bed. Day ended about 11:30 p.m. and you all know I am a princess and need my beauty sleep.

Dec. 16- Spent all morning packing and cleaning house. Had to clean out Ford Escape in hopes of getting a new Tahoe for Christmas. Left for Houston about 4 p.m. arrive after 7:30 p.m. Just in time for puppy to play with Grandpa and grab a later dinner.

Dec. 17- Shopping! Today George and I went on a shopping spree for last minute (not nessacarily needed) clothes for our Mexico trip at the Galleria in Houston. We were joined by his best friend Gordon and girlfriend Mindy. Got TONS of stuff!!

Dec. 18 through 21- MEXICO! Finally the honeymoon of my dreams. Do you know the limit of acoholic beverages allowed at an all inclusive resort? That's right- there is no limit, if you can order you can drink and if you can't walk they'll bring it to your room. More details in an upcoming post.

Dec. 22- Day of recovery. I actually got sick on the plane home and by the time we finally landed I was fighting a full force cold virus. I am still suffering from slight side effects today, but I was knocked on my ass until Tuesday. That didn't stop me from celebrating the new year however! This was also the night of my mom's Christmas party. It drives me insane how the rest of the family (including my husband's) live withing a 15 mile radius of each other, yet we all get into five different cars to drive an hour to my mother's house. Need I explain how she needs to be center of attention?

Dec. 23- My step father's family had their Christmas party but I was too sick to even drag my butt out of bed. My husband spent the day with Gordon and I gathered enough energy to go to dinner with them, although at this moment I can't remember where.

Dec. 24- Christmas with my husband's family. I always get my favorite presents here. This year a Mikasa candle set. I love the presents in the big blue box the best. Move over Tiffany's, I want some crystal.

Dec. 25- Traditional breakfast at Waffle House with his Dad. That's always a favorite for me because you get to see all sorts of people traveling for the holidays. In the afternoon we went to look at 2007 Tahoes at the local dealerships.

Dec. 26- Got a 2007 Z71 Chevy Tahoe 4X4. Need I say more!

Dec. 27 through 30- SPent the days fighting cold and the nights cruising around Houston with George, Gordon and Mindy. Had a blast although complete fun was hampered by illness. A pack of Klennex was my constant companion for those few days.

Dec. 31- The real fun begins! After shopping for the perfect outfit with Mindy (of course George and Gordon were cohersed along with promised of Auntie Anne's pretzels), I took a quick nap and then the four of us headed out to dinner and then drinks at the Flying Saucer in downtown Houston. We had a blast and like previously stated in yesterday's Foot Fetish Friday I found a new drink.

Jan. 1- Off to a rocking start! We arrived home a little after 2 p.m. and then I promptly slept the day away, at least until lunch.

Jan. 2 through 5- The first week of the new year was spent just doing stuff. Not really a lot of details. Mindy and I dragged George around for two days while we went shopping for srapbook stuff, but we never got around to actually scrapbooking for more than 2 hours. At least now I have the stuff needed to put the pictures from Mexico in a book.

Today- We got up early this morning and dragged ourselves to the livingroom for another couple of hours of laying around before we packed up the Tahoe and trailer George got frome his dad and headed home. After a few hours of unpacking and an overwhelming mountain of luandry, I sat down to give and update.

I know many think I have fallen off the face of the earth, but I am back and will begin posting pictures over the next few days. Stay tuned ....

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Anonymous said...

sounds like lots of stories to provide fodder for here.....can't wait

Tommy said...

Oooooooh, I'm sooooo jealous. Lets go YEAH BABY! Welcome back.