January 11, 2007

Mexico Vacation: Day 1

WARNING: Long post. Includes pictures.

The moment everyone has been waiting for ... our trip to Mexico. Day 1:

Let me first begin by saying that although the trip was a beautiful way for George and I to spend some quality time together, I would trade it in a heartbeat not to have him deployed for nearly a year in a war zone, but it is the life we chose and this is the rewards. His stories can be bone-chilling and at times (sorry my love) I tune him out when he is talking about them because I like to believe he was in some plush, safe resort for an extended “guys day out.”

But we managed to save WAY MORE than we had anticipated during the deployment (partly because I perfected the sad and lonely routine which caused many friends to have me for dinner, thus I bought less groceries). The week or so before he came home he emailed me that he had planned a trip for us to Mexico.

I soon learned that we would be staying at a 4.5 star, adult only, all-inclusive resort. Instead of a room, he opted for the solitaire bungalows on the beach with personal concierges (I am a spoiled princess and I am seeking help.)

We arrived at the airport at 5:15 a.m. (or near there as I was still half asleep.) We checked our baggage and rode the mobile walkway to the gate (when I am on vacation I do as little work as possible.) After grabbing a some gum and a magazine and checking out the cool gadgets store we settled in to wait for the plane.

The plane ride was quick. A two-hour flight where I read and George played PSP. After taking a few pictures as we entered Mexico, we deplaned and headed for baggage.

Now even with heightened security as our own airports and living on a military installation, I am not used to seeing armed militia walking around with rifles or whatever big guns they had. Maybe it’s because I knew that in case of a situation, I didn’t know enough of their language to tell them I was not one of the “bad guys” or maybe because I knew they didn’t care and would likely shoot first and ask questions later.

The security system was quite unique though. You had to walk past this big pole with a traffic light minus the yellow on it and press the button. If you got green you could go, if you got red they searched you. maybe that is how terrorists get in so easily. Anyway, we got the green light and headed to find our travel agent.

After loading our baggage into the van, we waited as three other couples joined us and off we went. To other couples were staying t other resorts and we dropped them off first. Another couple was staying at our resort and were on the last stop with us.

As we entered the lobby we were giving glasses of champagne. The lobby itself was breathe-taking with an 18-plus foot Christmas tree decorated in white and golds standing majestically in the center of the large water fountain "crowned" by a beautiful glass chandelier above it.

The other couple, staying in a hotel room went to the desk to check in but we were taken away on a golf cart to check in with our personal concierge. The bungalows, or Casitas, were in a restricted area of the resort with private pools and ocean views. Only Casita residents were allowed there although we could use any part of the rest of the resort.

Our first order of business was to eat while they brought our baggage to our room.

After eating a late lunch (at a restaurant that was technically closed but Casita guests were never turned away) we went to our room.

Walking in we were greeted by a cool breeze and white linen everywhere.

The queen sized bed was covered by a canopy and two swans kissing made from folded towels. There was a sliding glass door leading out to a porch with a breakfast table, hammock and two lounge chairs with seats like the hammock.

Inside the room was a two-person jacuzzi tub with picture windows on three sides and candles all around. Two windows faced outside (beach) while the third faced the outdoor shower with stone walls cool to the touch and water than ran from a piece of driftwood.

The view from the porch was the most amazing part. I wish I could describe it, but maybe you should jusdge for yourself ...

The bathroom, separated by low walls had a double sink, a second large tub, although not jacuzzi and the “privy” area was closed off by saloon doors.

There were two full closets and a safe for valuables as well as a huge armoire with the TV and DVD system.

We unpacked a little, got out the bathing suits and headed for the private pool with swim up bar.

Everything was green and blooming and a balmy 85 degrees. I was already trying to figure out how to stay forever.

For dinner we had reservations at the El Cocotal Restaurant where we enjoyed a wonderful five course meal. I post it later, I think I wrote it down and it is in my stack of papers to sort through. Regardless, here is picture of the first course, " the salad." No wonder peoplecan eat five course meals.

They had a mariachi band that walked around and played and the BEST waitstaff in the world.

After dinner, we walked around the resort, stopping at one of the night bars and had a few drinks while the mariachi band (from the restaurant) played. After about an hour we headed back to the room to relax and plan the next few days.

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