December 14, 2006

Yo soy bueno!

Hola! Como es usted? Bien? Y tu?
I have to brush up on my espanol, because my husband is taking me to Mexico for 3 glorious, sun-filled days. That’s right, I’ll be passing the margaritas and buying cheap jewelry in a mere three days. He planned the trip while in Afghanistan and surprised me a week or so before coming home since we never got to have or honeymoon ... (I’ll pause as all the females wonder in amazement at how I found the perfect husband and the males curse him for out doing their effort ....)
We didn’t get to have an actual wedding either. We were married in May 2004, but ceremony was planned for the following December because I wanted a Christmas wedding at a Victorian plantation outside of Houston (proof once again that I play the part of princess well). The Army had other plans and I had to set aside my pouting to help with the family support group portion of the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division.
He says that one day I will get my wedding, but I’m not worried, I just want to register for gifts now.
Back to Mexico ... we will be staying at the beautiful El Dorado Royale (all-inclusive) Resort, in the Mayan Riviera area. I am excited to get to see the ruins.
We leave for Houston of Saturday and will do some last minute shopping for stuff that weekend, then Monday morning we’re off to Mexico!
George is happy about getting to do all of that bargaining for stuff in Mexico. He loves to argue so its his cup of tea (Ha! Ha! He doesn’t even drink tea.)
I am so excited about all of the potential photo-ops there. I’ll be posting for weeks after we get back. I guess I’ll have to do some special Foot Fetish Friday pics to keep everyone coming back for more.
I managed to get the next three weeks off of work, so we’ll spend the rest of our vacation in Houston hanging out with our families and friends.
Christmas for us is spread out because my family likes to drag it out like that. We have never actually had Christmas on Christmas Day with my mom’s family, that’s too traditional. We pick a random day the week before and get together.
I am so excited to get to spend the next few weeks with my husband, work-free, school-free, drama-free.
Well, I’m off to plan more drink combinations ... Adios, amigos.

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lime said...

ooooh have fun!!! sounds lovely. he is indeed a gem!