December 7, 2006

Let us not forget this holiday season

I found this poem when surfing the web. Let us not forget those families who's homes will always have an empty place at the table and heavy hearts amidst the holiday cheer.

I Saw An Eagle Cry

By Cassandra L. Gilbert

Today I saw an eagle,
With a teardrop in his eye.
It literally took my breath away,
To see an eagle cry.
I asked him,What's the matter?
And he told me what he saw.
A cowardly attack was made,
On the towers that once stood tall.
He said everything he stood for,
Had taken a shocking blow.
So he had to take a moment,
To let his own emotions show.
Then he proudly told me,
That our Nation would survive.
That our Liberty and Freedom,
He'd be sure to keep alive.
He said for us not to be afraid,
To stand together, not apart.
For a terrorist has succeeded,
If he puts fear within our hearts.

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