October 26, 2006

Valium is my friend ...

O.k. so as many of you know Thursdays are the worse days at work because we are frantically putting together the weekly edition of the paper. It has gotten better, we used to have an all female staff which left production day being like one big PMS throw down. However, since we've acquired a few men on the staff (Tommy Gunn included) things are getting better, but still enough to scare the normal person.

Today is different. Today there is valium. I had a doctors appointment early this morning for some minor issues I've been having and they gave me a lose dose valium to relax me for the test (not psych tests as TG may lead you to believe). Enough so that I could still function at work since there is zero chance of taking off (O.k. if there are large amounts of blood they let you go home!) So here I sit at work actually having completed all of my work and awaiting edits. I don't have a care in the world (except for those imaginary people who keep bothering me while I type.)

Things get changed, last minute deletions are made and things they (editors) removed from the copy are now supposed to be in there. Who cares. Not me ... I spent the last 10 minutes looking for my day planner that was sitting open on my desk.
I'm not a big fan of hospitals or doctors, I don't like people who "know it all" and feel the need to poke and prod you for absolutely no reason except that they can, but I am become a fan of that little prescription pad they carry around. Talk about power of the pen!

I see the value of valium.

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Tommy said...

Hey dammit! I share my chocolate with you! **Ahem** **holds hand out** I'm waiting!