August 3, 2006

Random post

My ass hurts. Ha! That got your attention. Seriously though. Since my husband deployed I have been working out nearly twice a day for an hour or so each and now my muscles hurt, my bones hurt, hell I even think my DNA is in pain right now. I don’t know if that is possible scientifically, but bit me ...
What I don't get (o.k. I do but it doesn't make sense) is why do my legs hurt. I walk all day, but if I spend 30 minutes on the treadmill they hurt. Maybe it that I really do 50 minutes, twice a day on the elliptical nad the two times a week I have a "slow" day in the treadmill, my body has enough time to catch it's breath in time to protest me pushing so hard.
I am on this crazy mission to keep busy to make time fly by faster, so between a full time job, unit family volunteer, working on my masters and keeping up with my active-for-a-bulldog canine, I am wiped out. I get home about 6 p.m. and gratefully climb into bed at about 10 p.m., so I have only about 4 hours by myself to feel sorry about everything that is going on. The good part is that I have a list of things to choose from as I prepare dinner and walk Sgt. Major (my dog’s name still cracks me up!) so the voices in my head always have something new to gripe about.
Awww ... the voices in my head. They have kept me company over the past 147 days (or 4 months, 3 weeks and 4 days, but who's counting.) They are such an active part of my day. Do you think they will be jealous when George comes home and I spend less time with them? They can entertain each other I guess.
Any way, I was hoping to use some of that after work time for blogging, but then there is the whole homework from school thing, so my time has not been divided as I thought it would be. It could be worst ... I’d list how, but I hurt to much to try to think of some ways.
Anyway, I really had nothing to say except that my ass hurts and I’ve said it twice now, so I’m done ...

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Tommy Gunn said...

Yeah, it's killing me too. Just thyought you might like to know that. Got some yummy chocolate down here that might sooth the pain. HA!