July 16, 2006

mi amor, mi vida (my love, my life)

I have to say the best thing my husband ever did (o.k., maybe top ten) was to talk me into getting a dog. Not just any dog. We did a lot (2 months) of research on a breed that would fit well into a dual-employed household and fell in love with English bulldogs. Next step was picking one. We had planned to go into the city (Houston) for a weekend and had set up meeting with breeders when we came upon a breeder here, near Fort Polk, that was trying to sell the last three of a litter because they were moving (Soldeir too.)
So we spent a little time with the pups knowing we wanted a male. George wanted the other boy, but I fell in love with Sgt. Major (named later by us.) He was more interested in us than the food they had just put into the kennel. Little did I know that that was the beginning of my new shadow.
I could not imagine having to go through this deployment without him. He has been my constant joy. Regardless of my mood he is always there ... usually looking for some attention or at least a treat.
He makes me laugh and gives me a reason to get up in the mornings. He doesn't jusdge when I refuse to get out of my pajamas until 4 p.m. on a Saturday and shows me the joys of the little things, like lifting a leg to the tree in the front yard even though he did it just an hour earlier with the same enthusiasm.
Most of all, he loves me regardless and is always willing to share his toys (although his treats could earn a small growl of annoyance.)
He truly has become my life as I await George's return.

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