May 10, 2006

Craft Corner: Ahhh ... the joy of new stash!

I recently made a pact with another spouse to create our own Secret Sister swap. We have both been discouraged with the stash or lack thereof, that we received (an didn't recieve) so we made a pact to send each other a package on alternating months. I received my first package in April and I was excited. Through chats with my new SS she learned that I was anxious to try specialty threads but didn't know where to start ... this is what I got ...

More than 70 Six Strands Sweets threads. I am so excited. So many colors, so may choices. Sometimes I just sit on the couch playing with them. I'll post when I finally choose a project.

Meari said...
Wow! That's a nice stash package. I've signed up for my first SS exchange and I'm worried, as I've heard horror stories. Can't hurt to participate once and see how it goes, though.

Dee in TN said...
OHHHHHHH my, Michelle, This is a wonderful selection of overdyed thread. You will be able to change all kinds of projects into overdye variations with these... I haven't been interested in SS exchanges. Only did one and my partner wasn't really attuned to my preferrences although I did get lots of goodies. Sounds like you got a winner this time... HUGS, Dee in TN

Rachael said...
Wow- That is a great SS package. Overwelming almost. Looks like fun stitching ahead for you.

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