February 2, 2006

Craft Corner: A whole new world ...

Recently (Nov./Dec. 2005) I was introduced to the online world of cross-stitch enablers. These people hold membership to a unique club, that much like high school is there to support you most in doing something that will get you in trouble. In this case, buy WAY TOO MUCH cross stitch stash and supplies. How is this a bad thing you ask?

Well these enablers down play the anger that husband (or significant others) display when a "follower" as I shall call those who willing go towards the "light" that is an LNS, overextends the patience that this significant other has built up over the relationship period. Much like a drinking buddy, they encourage you to get "just one more." Whether it is a skein of floss, a new pattern or the ever enticing and colorful fabric.

That is not to say that these enablers do not offer a bit of positive growth in the life of a new follower. They help the follower reach "outside the box", learn new techniques, try new fabrics or even create something on their own. For this, we who are set in out ways or hesitant to try something new, are thankful to those who push us.

In the past few months I have done a lot of new things. I participated in my first trades of both fabric and pattern, I signed up for my first stitch-a-long, I broadened my horizons as to what kind of patterns I will try and have found a wealth of information on designers and stores that I previously didn't know anything about. I have even created a wish list. While it may not sound like much, previously I just stitched what I found at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Now I put thought into it, much like decorating a new home, I am continually looking for the next project for this room or that wall.

Most excitingly I have found that there are actually stores dedicated to the craft. It goes beyond the craft section of the local store of the single display of floss at the fabric store. These are people, who like me, eat, breath and sleep cross stitch.

I admit I am hooked ... so to all of my fellow stitcher ... "Hello! My name is Michelle and I am addicted to stitching!"

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