January 17, 2006

Just sitting here with my bully ...

I'm just sitting here with Sgt. Major in the office trying to get caught up on some work. He keeps walking back and forth between here and the livingroom and as you can see the whole "catching up on work" thing is not going so well with all these distractions.
As much as I love holidays, it is sheer craziness trying to catch up. Most of us came in on friday, but for half day so we got some work done, but we had to get our competition entries put together today for the annual Army competition for the Keith L. Ware awards, so that took nearly the whole day.
I was only allowed to enter one photo and one story this year instead of one in each of the seven categories, so that upset me quite a lot. I've been looking for a new job of late because as much as I love what I do there is no upward mobility for a contract worker and the chance of pay worth my education is even lower.
School starts up for me again soon, although I am trying to finish some class work from my last class, too.
I am excited, I felt a little out of place in the first class because it talked about early war such as Caesar and such, but the World War II class is something I know a little more about.
Getting ready for the deployment is also a little scary just because I am worries that I may overlook something, but we still have time.
Tax season is here ... Yuk! We have to get that stuff done too.
I managed to get to organize the craft closet this week, so I feel like I accomplished some stuff. I also took about 10 garbage bags of stuff to the Thrift Store on post. I just got tired of putting off a garage sale and I'm sure there are some families out there who could use the stuff. With that done the garage looks GREAT! George did some organizing too, hanging the bikes and stuff so yes, after 20 months we are finally getting the house in order. And in about 20 months it'll be time to leave again ... go figure, that's the Army life.
O.k. I am really going to do some work now,

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