January 2, 2006

Craft Corner: Happy 2006!

Happy new year to my fellow stitchers and crafters! Well I must say the holidays were very refreshing. We were able to go into Houston to visit out families and I got two small projects done while I was there. We stayed at my father-in-law's so I was able to hide out there and do some stitching and completed my first "bead" project. I'll have to post them tomorrow as I forgot my camera today when I came into work.

I got to spend some time with my nieces which I always love and my husband, yes husband, suggested I take them to the craft store to get some XS projects since the night before I spent to whole time huddled in the corner at my mom's answering questions. Steph (16) is learning fast since I taught her summer '04 and Tami (10) is asking to be taught. I discovered Vicki's (12) interests lean towards painting so we got a ton of wooden cut-outs and picture frames and I'm excited to see what she designs.

Regarding resolutions, I decided that along with completed a number of my WIPs, i also wanted to try my hand at Hardanger Embroidery and picked up at book while the girls and I were shopping. Since my husband's unit has just been activated to deploy, I should have a little time between work and school (that's why Lean Cuisine makes microwave dinners!)
I guess that's it, I think I'll take some time to post my craft goals for 2006 on my web page, so please feel free to question me frequently about my progress, I tend to put off doing things for myself and it'll be a hard year as we face out first deployment.

I did get a very cool gift this year ... my husband bouth me a new digital camera with lots of lenses. he said that he thought it was about time since some of my photos had won first place in the Army photo contest. So aside from creative photography, I'll be using it to catalog my craft project progress. I can't wait ...

As far as resolutions and goals go, this year I have found a sure way to at least get SOME of my goals accomplished ... make a list of cross stitch goals. So here it goes ...
1. Organize my craft closet and the WIP projects.
2. Finish some of the WIPs, especially ...
~ the centerpieces created for my wedding that did happen (thank you Army!)
~ the Easter project for my mom, BEFORE EASTER.
~ the Army Seal for George.
3. Learn something new ... Hardanger Embroidery.
4. Join in on swaps and trades, make new friends!
5. Learn to take a little time for "me"!

I'd live to hear what some of your goals are ... crafting and otherwise!

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