December 14, 2005

Craft Corner: Sad day for stitching ....

This weekend my puppy found out what the ultimate taboo was. He got made when Nikki (another military spouse) came over and we left to go see Ashley (military wife and stitcher!) and Matt's new baby, Walter Trevor. So he retaliated by pulling my black tote bag off the table. He hates the bag because I take it with me everywhere and he sometimes is jealous of the bag.

Well I came home and he had emptied the bag with all my cross stitch projects out and had chwed holes in the bag (Bulldogs have exceptionally strong jaws) as well as the Roly Poly Santas that I was working on (posted on my web page below). Thankfully only one was destroyed, so the other four Santas will be finished and I'll have to work on the fifth one once they are done. Of course, the one that he destroyed was the one that was mere hours from being complete.

He faced the wrath of momma and only felt safe when his daddy came home (George got called into work at the unit for something Army related!)

Needless to say he is still walking in wide circles around the bag and was happy that some of his toys were returned to him
this Monday ... FYI, I have brought the bag to work with me everyday this week!

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